In the event something goes wrong at the most inopportune moment we offer emergency service done promptly at your request.

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Water Testing

We routinely test pool and spa water to establish that the chemical and/or salt levels are within normal limits to maintain optimal sanitization and safety. 


Winter Service

During the colder months we perform a service which includes:

  • Lowering of the water level if needed
  • Add antifreeze to skimmers if needed
  • Add winter chemicals to water if needed



In colder climates it is necessary to winterize pools and spas our pool closing package includes:

  • System shut down
  • Lowering of the water level
  • Pressurized purging of all water from plumbing and equipment
  • Application of winter chemicals
  • Placement of winter cover (if provided)
  • Covering of exposed equipment (if requested)


From time to time pool and spas require additional attention we can take care of virtually every problem you may encounter with

  • Heaters
  • Pumps
  • Lights
  • Coping 
  • Tile
  • Vinyl Liners
  • And more


Weekly Cleaning

Weekly cleanings are scheduled to fit your preference and include:

  • Vacuuming as needed
  • Brushing of walls and floor as needed
  • Analysis of chemical levels
  • Application of chemicals as needed
  • System inspection


Filter Service

Occasionally it is necessary to service the filtration system

  • For cartridge systems the cartridge is removed and deep cleaned or if necessary replaced.
  • For sand filters the system is backwashed and rinsed and if necessary the sand is replaced.
  • For DE filters the system is backwashed and more DE is added if necessary.



The Pool opening package includes:

  • removal of the winter cover
  • removal of accumulated debris
  • application of start up chemicals
  • system start up
  • system inspection
  • filter cleaning
  • cleaning to prepare for use

Pool Services

Pool & Spa Service